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jono visiting hong kong.

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ring me up!

so it turns out i'm not so good at jewellery making and the image looks way better than the real thing. haha but after giving majority of the rocks away i still have a rectangular purple amethyst and blue granite one to share with my readers! (i only made 7 all up). it is literally just a band with a ring attached. the first few i put too much effort with the bottom coatings and it just looked stoopid so the later ones are super simple. band + rock = ring. i did some of the rock shaping on the gravel road outside so excuse the roughness.

if you want one of the two just write your name and email in comments. i will draw 2 names out of a pensieve on the 16th, and whoever is whoever i will send you the rings! (you'll have to give me a week to send them out as i am going somewhere on the tuesday), but in short for those of you who hate reading:

rock (amethyst or granite)

pretty much it, i also did a photoshoot yesterday so expect photographs in the next few days, yay/sorry! much love, aimee x.

update 16.11.10

names drawn are... miyu and gladys! i will send it out by the end of the month, thank you everyone for commenting and being apart of it. i had way too much fun writing the names on little pieces of paper.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010